Thursday, February 18, 2010

He said, "I Love you"

Remember my post where I was worried that LeBlanc did not love me, or feel as strongly about me because he has never said, "I love you" to
me? And my wonderful readers assured me that I was worrying and moping over nothing.

Different people have different ways of expressing how they care. And I was learning that my definition of "love" was probably LeBlanc's equivalent of "really like."

I haven't written much lately, it's been crazy busy, and my blog has just taken a back seat to my life. But I feel as if I am falling even deeper in love with LeBlanc. Our weekends consists of cuddling on the
couch watching old episodes of Criminal Minds. Then going grocery shopping and making food together. We've made some elaborate dinners, and even hosted LeBlanc's parents a few weekends ago! LeBlanc made an out-of-this-world soup, and I will be judging all future soups to this benchmark!

Sometimes, LeBlanc and I venture out of the cozy house (and outside a 300m radius) and head for some exploring. This is a rare occasion since it's so cold! Actually this winter in Toronto is pretty mild, but I just like to complain! It's fun :)

A few weeks ago, LeBlanc and I spent another lazy weekend together. And then we talked a bit on the phone before I went to bed. LeBlanc was heading out of town for business and catching the 7AM flight out the next morning for the week, and I knew I was going to miss him.

As I wake up groggy on Monday morning, I see a text waiting for me. From LeBlanc.

Hey. Hope you're sleeping. I just wanted to tell you that I think I love you... Kiss kiss. Talk to you tmr...

I think I re-read that text a million times - not to mention I was grinning like an idiot the entire day at work (and re-reading the text, again and again and again!).

I got up and did my work out, then called LeBlanc before he left on his flight. And I tell him that I love him, too. And he responds with "I love you, too." It was our first "I love you" exchange.

Last weekend, as LeBlanc and I are about to go to sleep, I ask,
"Do you still love me?"

LeBlanc says, "Yes. What do you mean by still?"

I say, "You haven't changed your mind, right?"

LeBlanc says, "Of course not. I love you, Des."

I know that was probably silly of me to ask. I just felt like I had to make sure. Then again, unicorns did not magically appear by the bedside. And come to think of it, I think that I was loved all along. Because I feel so happy just thinking about him.

PS. Sorry if this post was so mushy that you wanted to puke. :P

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Goals

Lame? Cliche?

Perhaps, but I think that one should always strive to improve themselves, and what better way than to write them down?

Writing down things helps me see more clearly what I want. It is more difficult for me to come up with a long term goal, but breaking the large goal down to smaller parts makes it both more attainable and also helps me see more clearly what comprises my long term goals in life.

I decided to break down my life into different parts, and figure out what I would like to achieve.

These are some of my short term goals.

1) Professional
I would like to be promoted to the next position and gain more experience in the field. I would also like to explore different venues of income streams, such as taking a course in Canadian Securities course. I would also like to take a continuing education course or interest course, in a Masters program I am considering in pursuing in the near future.

2) Charity
I have volunteered for a community program which mentors kids in my neighborhood. I think it's important for young people to have someone they have fun with and look up to. If I could help a child to realize their potential in society, it would be very rewarding and humbling experience.

3) Personal Food
I want to incorporate more fresh vegetables and fruits into my daily meals. I want to try to be "closer" to my food, and make myself more aware of the things I am putting in my body.

4) Personal Hygiene
I think I have a pretty good personal hygiene regiment, but things can always be improved. I want try weeding out as many chemical products I use on a daily basis, as I can, starting with shampoo and conditioner, and toothpaste.

5) Clothing
I like nice clothes, but I think that I am going to do with less this year. I don't think I can go cold turkey, but I want to set a very minimal clothing budget for this year. (After I get my bag, that is!)

6) Personal Finance
I would like to track my spending every month. I was very vigilant with this earlier on in 2009, but as I got more comfortable with watching my spending, I also got lazy and lost track of my budget. I would like to set individual goals for the different categories of my spending and saving, and stick to a monthly budget of $1000*. I am aiming to save 50% of my take home income.

7) Friends and Family
With so many goals and events happening around me, it's easy to take for granted the people who are constantly there for me, and have supported me throughout my current and previous goals. Everyone has a busier schedule than ever, but I am going to work harder to do little things - like go out for dinner or brunch, or go visit my parents two weekends a month.

*I will be writing a more detailed post of my financial goals, and will also update this budget amount based on my spending in 2009.

What are some of your goals for this year? How do you break down your goals?