Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wedding bells.

No, they are not my wedding bells. I would require a man for that, first.

I am referring to the wedding bells of my bff from high school, H. Though it's been tough, we've kept in touch throughout college and grab lunch or dinner whenever I'm in town. On my birthday, she called me to wish me happy birthday, and also tell me of the good news.

H. is of a traditional Indian background, and even in our high school days, our views towards relationships differed somewhat. She believed in arranged marriages, whereas I did not feel so strongly about it. I believe they work for some people, but I don't think it's the thing for me. H. was getting an arranged marriage.

This took a little time for me to digest. But of course, I support her 150% and told her that whatever she needed me to do, I would. So, for the next few months (after I get back from my grad trip) I will be super busy, planning, organizing and running errands. I'm actually really excited.

There seems to be a million things that need to be done. She's super organized, and we're going out for dinner to talk about what I need to do later this week. I think I need to get one of those day planner thing-ies.

Best part is. I get to wear a sari. They are so elegant and beautiful. I hope I will be able to the sari some justice.

Who knows. Maybe I'll meet some hot brown dude at the wedding ;)

Daikon Cake... yummm

All my life, I have known this dish to be "white carrot cake" until last night. This is one of my all time favourite dishes to order at dim sum. It's a great comfort food, and really delicious.

Anywho, this weekend, Daikon was on sale at the local supermarket (4 for $1) and some we bought a bunch. Last night, my mom decided to make this Daikon cake, and teach me how to do it, as well.

If you know me, I'm a 30 minute kind of cook. One of the things I learned about Chinese cooking is that there can be a tonne of preparation, and me, well, I'm all about the short cuts. There were no short cuts about this dish, so I was a bit skeptical if I would ever tackle it on my own.

Turns out the dish was quite simple to make, though it did take some time. I think I can do it.

This is my mom's quick recipe. (I have to check the packages for sizes)

2 medium sized Daikon shredded
1 package of rice flour
1/3 package of wheat flour
sugar, salt, pepper, sesame oil and green onions to flavour
stirred fried mushrooms, dried shrimps, sausage (whatever you like)

1. Peel and shred the Daikon. Cook in boiling water.

2. Mix rice flour, wheat flour, and seasonings together. Slowly add water to mixture and mix until it is a creamy consistency. Add a little oil to mixture.

3. Pour in creamy mixture to boiling Daikon mixture and stir.

4. Turn the heat to low and continue stirring out lumps. Add in stirred fried ingredients and mix.

5. Transfer mixture to a well oiled pan and steam for about 40 minutes.

6. Serve "soft" or pan fried (must wait for it to cool overnight, first) with your choice of sauce. I like my dad's fish sauce with hot sauce.

I know the directions are rough, but I found another site with a recipe that seems more precise.

Though I still stick to my 30 minute meals, this will do for special occasions. :)

Photos: curiously ravenous

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why can't Dad cook!?

Just wondering.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Chocolate Almond Croissant: Part I

My ex boyfriend.

I guess I should take this moment to back track a little and give a bit of background information on my past relationship.

I was in a 5 year relationship with my ex-boyfriend. I'm going to call him Almond (after the first dessert we shared, a Chocolate Almond Croissant from Michel's)

We met in high school. He was a year older and his locker was next to mine. We were in the same French and Finite class. I thought he was really cute. He was also smart. He answered most of the bonus questions in my Finite class. He was also a little shy, and he looked put together.

I went to a Catholic high school and most of the guys always have their dress shirts all wrinkly, untucked and wore their pants pretty much around their ankles. Almond's shirts would be ironed, and tucked into his dress pants (but not in a dorky way). He always wore a belt, and dress shoes.

Anyway, we started talking and hanging out a lot. I've never dated anyone before. I don't even think I had a guy like me and tell me before. It was all so new and it felt so good.

He was a real sweetheart. He'd always walk me home after school, even though he lived 5 minutes away and I lived a good 15 minutes away in the opposite direction. We'd just walk and talk. There was so much to talk about. He was a great listener and we shared a lot of interesting ideas.

He'd walk me home even in the winter. Winters are not so nice in Toronto. And this made it even sweeter. Though I did feel guilty on the cold days, and told him not to. In the spring and summer, we'd walk through the park and sit on the bench, or in the grass - just talking. I was really happy.

I remember when he first held my hand. We were sitting on the park bench near my house. Our usual stop. I remember his hand was so much bigger than mine. His nails were always trimmed. I rested my head on his shoulders, and he put his other arm around me. Still holding onto my other hand.

We just sat like that for a very long time. It's cliche to say, but I can still remember every moment as clear as day.

We confessed our feelings to each other. He told me he thought I was beautiful. No one had ever told me that before. Parents don't count. I told him I have no idea how to kiss someone, and was scared to mess it up. He said he didn't know either, but assured me he really wanted to kiss me. Then we kissed.

The kiss was basically us pursing out lips together for about 10 seconds. It felt like forever. lol. I guess I was expecting fire works or something to happen. But it was perfect. It was sweet. It was so simple. I could never forget that kiss.

Then he walked me the rest of the way home. With a couple more pecks here and there, since that's all we knew about kissing at that time. We were so giddy and so happy.

I remember one of the most thoughtful gifts I've received was a business suit from Almond on our second Christmas together. Yes, Almond bought me clothes. He was brave. He thought I could use it for my upcoming co-op interviews. He also said that he wanted to see me in it. Guys. :)

He took my sister, S. with him so she could act as a model. He didn't want to give away the surprise. He ended buying me a size 6 or 8. I was a size 0. lol. But it was so sweet. We just got it exchanged, and he liked it even more when it fit properly. I call it my lucky suit.

Fast forwarding a little. Almond and I had a beautiful relationship. He went off to university a year before me, but our relationship grew stronger. Talking on the phone, I still have the letter he sent me on his first week of school. He was out at movies with some new friends. And thought of me and missed me. When he was back in his dorm, he wrote me a letter when an email would have sufficed. I loved it.

I went up to visit him a few times, and met his new friends. They were all really nice, and I keep in touch with them to this day. Anyway, after I left, he told me his friend (who hadn't had a girl friend before) asked him, why he held my hand all the time. lol. He answered, "Because I like to."

Then I went off to university. We were both in engineering at the same nerd university, so we got to see each other during school and even lived together for a while.

For our work terms, we either went off to different places, or stayed in Toronto when there was no where cool that would hire us. He spent four months in Silicon Valley - Santa Clara, California and I spent four months in Boston, Massachusetts. He was very encouraging of me, and I tried to be also of him.

Long distance relationships are hard, but we pulled through. We both learned a lot about ourselves, each other, and about compromising.

Then, things started to not go well in Fall of 2006. He got really stressed with having to find a job after graduating, and I still think that is one of the main causes of our break up. It's hard to say.

He was really unhappy, and playing more and more video games. They were his escape from a bad day at work, or lack of responses from his job applications. I remembered I would go over on Friday nights, and fall asleep waiting for him to finish "this quest." WoW. You know what I'm talking about, guys.

I tried to be understanding, and I even tried to help. But his response to my suggestions, were often, "you don't understand." I guess I didn't.

I would get angry when he would break promises or plans because he had to finish his computer game quest. Again and again. I would get angry, then feel bad for getting angry because he was going through a tough time. It's a very vicious cycle.

One day not long after, I was just really upset. I called up my girlfriend, J. and confided in her. I was crying. Then Almond called. He could tell I was upset and wanted to come over. I said no, it's not a big deal. He came over anyway.

He asked me what was wrong. I didn't want to say, because it was him. It's not that I didn't tell him these things, I just didn't want to get mad at him, again. Then he asked me if he was making me unhappy.

That was a hard question. Lately he was making my unhappy, but he made me so happy before. I just thought we were going through a rough time. After we got through this hurdle, I was sure things would get better.

He didn't agree. He was silent for a while.

I asked him what he was thinking. He replied, "About us." I asked him if he was thinking about breaking up. He didn't answer me. Silence can be a horrible thing. But it is an answer.

I started to cry. I buried my head in my pillow and hid under the covers. I told him to leave me alone.

He tried to hold me, and kept apologizing. He said he didn't want it to end this way. I kept pushing him away. Literally. I just wanted him to leave me alone. He said he wasn't leaving until I got up.

Somehow I got up. I don't even remember what I said or what he said. I just knew that when he was about to leave, I kept telling him not to go. Like he was walking out of my life. His last words were, "[Des] I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

That was the worst day of my life. This is the first time in almost 2 years that I have the guts to write about it.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Dad

I was reading another blogger's post on her dad, and thought, what a great time to write about mine!

My dad. A loving and supporting husband, father, uncle and friend.

I am the oldest of his three daughters. Yes, he always gets teased about being out numbered by females, but don't you worry. My dad can stand his ground.

Growing up, my dad hasn't always been the same person to me, and I haven't always been able to relate to him the same way. My parents have always been very strict, and when I was little, I would be afraid of my dad. I dreaded when he found out about my mischief.

My dad has this presence that can be very intimidating. Just ask my ex-boyfriend (lol....).

My dad was never the type to give me money to go out and buy new clothes or electronics. In fact, I didn't own a cell phone until I could afford my own.

My dad taught me to value money and work hard for it. I had part time jobs during high school, and have paid my way through (most of) my university.

My dad did not take my family on vacations to exotic beaches and islands, we were too poor for that. My dad took us to CNE and Ontario Place (with those free tickets, of course), Wasaga Beach, the zoo, and camping every summer without fail.

Every weekend, we would drive over to the local library and take out a stack of books. Though I'm pretty sure he'd rather stay at home and watch tv, instead of running around with 3 crazy little girls. He's a trooper.

My dad didn't take us to fancy restaurants for birthday celebrations, ie. no Chuck E Cheese or Discovery Zone. Instead, he'd whip up his specialty fried noodles with chives and garlic, a dish of steamed fish, and my mom would steam a cake. I was embarrassed as a kid, and would only invite my best friend over.

Only recently, we start going to restaurants for these special occasions. It wasn't that great. We quickly told my parents that we preferred celebrating at home. Though, it's a little sad that we didn't realize how great we had things until we're older.

Even though we didn't do poorly in school. My parents would always go to a parent-teacher interview if we had less than an A+ on midterms. Seriously. Talk about pressure. But now I know they did it because they cared. Though, they did have high expectations. Asian parents. **shakes head** =)

Through the years, my dad went from being someone I feared, to someone I really respected. Now, he is someone I can also talk to and relate at the same level. Much like a friend. We have come a long way. I can tell him what's on my mind, and I think he can, too.

I can talk to him about my break up, and he understands my pain. But also encourages me to learn from it, cherish the moments and move forward.

I tell him about my fears of stepping into the working world, and feeling like I have to be a grown up, when I have more unanswered questions and thoughts than answers. He reassures me that things will work out just fine.

I tell him of my thoughts of moving to the west coast. He tells me he'll miss his little girl, but will be happy to support me if that's what I want to do.

There's a million other things I could write, but then, this post will never end and I'd probably end up with tears on the keyboards (therefore, cementing the imminent death of my laptop), and you'd have fallen asleep from boredom.

My dad. The greatest, yet most humble man I know.

I'm so lucky to have a such a great role model.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

You can't cheat your first kiss

For a kiss to be really good, you want it to mean something.
You want it to be with someone you can't get out of your head.
So that when your lips finally touch, you feel it everywhere.
A kiss so hot and so deep you never want to come up for air.
You can't cheat your first kiss, Nicole.
Trust me, you don't want to.
Because when you find that right person, a first kiss, is everything.

One of my favourite quotes from Grey's. Alex Karev can have his moments. This is one of them.

I can recall every moment of my first kiss. Sigh. That'll be another post.

Whatever... It matters.

I'm trying not to censor myself with this blog. I think it's hard for me. To some extent, I like to please people, like most of us. So here goes, with something that's been bothering me for the past little while.

Back track to when I was wee little, say about 13 years old. In a conversation with my dad, he asked me for my opinion, or what to do (about a topic which I don't recall).

Dad: Des, what would you like to do.
Des: I don't know dad. It doesn't really matter.


Dad: Des, this is something that I wanted your opinion in.
Des: [shrugs] I really don't know, dad. It doesn't really matter.

I wasn't not trying to be one of those rebel teenagers who show no emotions or cares. It's just that it didn't really matter either way.

My dad takes a deep breath.

Dad: Des, you might not realize this, but by shrugging off my question you are disrespecting me. [You know how Asians are so keen on showing respect, right?] It shows that you don't really care or give 2 hoots of what I'm saying. This is a matter which is important to me, and it would nice if you stopped, and thought about it, and told me your thoughts. That's all.

My dad always has these little "life lessons" for us as kids. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I disagree. This is one of the times, I agree after I've experienced it.

Fast forward to this week. I was trying to plan my grad trip with B., and asked my friend if she wanted to join.

Instead of saying yes or no, she just shrugged and said, "I don't know. I don't really care."

I flash back to that conversation my dad and I had. Even though it probably wasn't said with bad intentions. At that moment, I believe I felt exactly the way my dad did.

I know that not everyone is certain of what they want to do (travels, jobs, money, etc etc). I've asked a few people who might be interested in the trip, and I don't need a concrete answer. Just a thoughtful and honest one. I usually do get straight answers (ie. yes, I'm interested, but I am constrained by ......... , or, no, I'm not interested.)

I was trying to plan a trip. I was spending money, time and effort. A lot of time, money, and effort. I don't like going into things half-heartedly. The "I don't care" really felt like a slap in the face. Like it didn't matter. At all.

I guess, like my dad, I just wanted a straight up answer. Like father, like daughter.

Can I see your proof of ID, please?

My last few days as an undergraduate student are nearing. Last night I went out to a bar with my sister and some friends for drinks. It wasn't planned, so I didn't have all my cards with me, including my driver's license.

Waitress: Can I please see ID from everyone?
Me: Darn it. I don't have mine with me. But, I am in my last term of fourth year. Do you have to see it?

[Note: I was the oldest of the group. The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19, and I am turning 24 next week. I'm pretty sure I don't look 19, though I wouldn't mind if I did. ]

Waitress: No, I'm sorry. I can't serve you alcohol.
Me: I write my very last undergrad exam on Monday. Does that count for anything?
Waitress: Sorry.
Me: That's ok. Can I get a glass of water please. With lemon.

Great. I sounded like a desperate, underage alcoholic.

It was still a fun night. We watched Nip / Tuck and TLC's What not to Wear on the booth's little TV's (which are probably meant for sports because we had to blast the volume way up and lean in to catch any part of the dialog).

I think I'll miss it when I'm not ID-ed.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Exploring Egypt and Germany!

7 May 2008.
Toronto, Canada to Frankfurt, Germany.
17 May 2008.
Frankfurt, Germany to Cairo, Egypt.
8 June 2008.
Cairo, Egypt back to Frankfurt, Germany.
12 June 2008.
Frankfurt, Germany back to Toronto, Canada.

Yes, I am a travel junkie. This obsession (or love of mine) actually started about two and a half years ago. I got offered an internship at a consulting company in Boston (yes, the great city of Bah-ston!). Having never set foot off of Canadian soil before, I was really excited and scared.

My time in Boston was amazing. I loved the city, all the old fashioned houses, the easy going attidudes, the delicious food, the people and culture, and I loved taking weekend trips up to NYC. I loved NYC. Broadway Musicals. You can't get any better than Broadway.

I also went on an academic exchange last year (Jan - April 2007) to Singapore and did a bit of traveling around South east Asia.

I met some pretty awesome fellow travelers and we had a lot of fun exploring the cities and national rainforest of Malaysia (Kuala Lampur and Taman Negara), the beaches and limestone cliffs of Thailand (Railey beach), some ancient ruins and beautiful diving spots of my parents' homelands, Cambodia and Vietnam - just to name the highlights.

Traveling gives me such a high. It's the combination of sights, sounds, taste and smell of a new place. It's like I'm stepping into a story book, or a picture. People can be so different, but at the same time, be the same.

Seeing ancient ruins is probably one of my favourite things right now. This revelation stems from my time spent at the Angkor Wat Temples in Cambodia. It's truly amazing stepping onto the same staircases, doorways, or corridors where people who lived centuries before me once walked.

This is are a couple of my favourite pictures from Cambodia.

Fast forward to now. I have been debating a grad trip SOMEWHERE for a while now. I haven't been to too many places, so I'm just excited to step out off this Torontonian soil and see the world. Cities, castles, ruins, landscape, mountains - you name it.

For the past couple weeks, I've been toying with the idea of a trip to Central America or South America, as mentioned in my first post. After doing some research, my friend, B. and I realized it will be wet season in May, and not a good time for the trip. Sigh. But no fear, B.'s friend had asked her if she wanted to join on a trip to Egypt, and B asked me if I wanted to do that instead.

Egypt! I was super psyched! So we started to look into flights and whether we wanted to book tours or not, stops along the way, etc etc. I also have a high school friend who is teaching there, so we even have a local contact! Major plus ;).

Anyway, I'll stop goofing around on Blogger now and do some actual research. These pictures of Egypt count as research, too, right?

Egypt Villager with his Donkey

Temple of Kom Ombo.

Of course, the Gizo Pyramids.

White Dessert.


Faleccu's along the Nile River

Photo Sources: John Wardell, Hiro008*, Gari Baldi, MBell1975

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Morning, Goose

So I'm sure you've all heard of the rooster wake up call, or even experienced it first hand - like myself. However, have you had a goose wake up call, specifically by a Canada Goose? No? Lucky you. Yes? Welcome to the club (high five!).

A little background on these geese. On my campus we have A LOT of them roaming around. I've even seen some stick around for the winter! Honestly, these are the most ego-tistical lot of geese I've ever met. They think they own the place.

They poo everywhere. I mean everywhere. They make their nests in the most crowded places, and hiss at everyone who walks by. One year, one couple made their love nest at the entrance of our school gym. Yea. My school ended up building a fence around them to protect the students. Hilarious.

Oh! Another time I almost tripped on one because it was walking in front of me and refused to get out of the way. Apparently, I was supposed to walk around the goose. My bad. They are rude little critters, aren't they? Or maybe I'm just full of myself, being a human and all.

Anyway, back to this morning. So at 8am, Mr Canada Goose (let's call him CG, for short) decides to perch himself at the roof of my low rise apartment and perform his mating calls for the next hour. Maybe this location allowed for him to have a maximum honking range, I'm not sure (the geese on my campus are smart like that). This location was also right outside my window.

I was not happy with this rude awakening. I opened and slammed my window shut, hoping the noise would scare CG off. No such luck. I should've known.

I end up getting up, go out onto the balcony, try to yell at it and wave my arms. CG just stared at me, with a taunting look, knowing I couldn't reach him.

Now, don't get me wrong, I usually love animals, and would never want to hurt them. But when my sleep is disturbed, my priorities are a little blurred.

I go back into my apartment. Break off two cloves of garlic, and stomp back out to the balcony. I hurl the garlic at CG. No, I didn't hit him. Although I did have pretty good aim. It whizzed by him. It did not scare him off. He gave me a look that seemed to say, "Garlic cloves. That's the best you got?"

Defeated. By a goose.

Photo source: justgettingstarted

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Summer Lovin'

The weather is absolutely gorgeous outside! Went out for a walk in the park after my exam, and all that my friend and I could think about were the cute dresses we wanted to wear. Winter has taken its toll on us. Ask any Canadian.

Anyway, back to cute dresses. So, I absolutely refuse to be an engineer without any sense of style or fashion. And, there are quite a few of those. Been there, done that. Don't want to go there, again.

My job will consist of about 50% on site time and 50% in office time. Old jeans, polo, construction boots and a hard hat for on-site wear. Think engineering nerd. Very sexy.

For the time I spend in the office, I can be creative. Think dresses or cool tops paired with a blazer or cardigan, and a pair of fun sandals.

After perusing Forever21, Costa Blanca, and Naturalizer, I have come up with the beginnings of my summer wish list.

1) Forever21 Janie Cotton Dress

2) Costa Blanca dresses

3) Naturalizer Heels and Sling-back Wedges

4) Hand bags (my first grown bag as a working professional)

Just need that first pay check before I start buying anything. I also must manage my finances, too. I just downloaded a very cool looking spreadsheet with lots of bright colors from Fabulously Broke in the City. Can't wait to try it out after finals.

Enough rambling for today. Dinner time. Then, night run. Sleep by 10:30pm. Be up early to cram for Thursday final. Life is awesome.

Photo source: joggervk007

Moi = Employed Engineer

So, it's official. I am now employed. Just signed the offer yesterday and sent it off to my future employer.

Wow. This is a new chapter in my life, and I'm excited.

The interview process and job search wasn't too grueling, and I ended up with an all-expenses-paid trip to the west coast over my spring break (interview with another firm). Yay! I got to spend a week seeing Vancouver, Seattle and Portland - for free. Like I mentioned before, I love to travel, but tuition has been taking a toll on my finances (aka broke).

The firm offered me the position with a pretty good benefit package, however, the location was in Portland, instead of my first choice - Vancouver. I liked Portland during my time there, though I wasn't sure if I'd be ready to make the move to live there. It was very different than what I was used to in Toronto. More of a small town feel to it. It was an internal turmoil - of taking a big step into the unknown. Or not.

After much pondering, I decided not to take the job. Sigh.

I interviewed with 2 more companies - who had offices on the west coast, but also in Toronto, as well. We spoke about opportunities of traveling and it looks promising. I'm excited to start in July.

Until then, I must graduate first. So, time to read over those notes. One last time. Exam in 2 hours.

Photo source: Alberto_sechi


My friend A. baked too many cookies this weekend and dropped some off for me. Yummy. So delicious. Sharing is caring.

Photo source: erinshappylittleworld

Monday, April 14, 2008

More Addicting than....

That's right. Blogger is more addicting than Facebook. I keep having this urge to make it look uber cool and sophisticated since it's supposed to reflect a new phase in my life.

Ok, fine, I'm procrastinating.

Just added some music from Playlist, and playing around with it. Ok. That's it. Time to get dressed and hit the library and study.

Crunch time!

This is the only way to study for exams. And this is why Williams Coffee Pub makes so much money off of poor starving students who adore coffee - much like moi.

After many cups of over priced coffee, you'd think that I'd be ready to tackle those notes. Nope. I cannot get myself to concentrate. At all. (Evidence of this being starting a new blog right in the midst of it.)

So, wish me luck!

Photo source: ilmungo

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cut Fruit Love

There are few things that say, "I love you" like cut fruits. It's in the gesture of a simple action that is so thoughtful, caring and aimed specifically at you.

Being in the midst of writing exams, my parents made a trip up and brought me some food. No, I am not the typically engineering student who has their parents come deliver packed lunches and dinners every week so they would never ever have to cook. However, my parents usually do this at the start of exams, and I always look forward to it. Yes, I am still spoiled, I know.

Usually on these trips, my parents bring a bag full of in season fruits, and I just wash, or peel them whenever I want to eat. After handing me my the care package, my mom says, "Des, I also cut some apples, mangoes and pineapples. Make sure you eat them quickly."

Not only did my mom cut the apples, she peeled them, too! It might not seem like a big deal, but I sure felt warm and fuzzy eating those fruits last night. And the sour mangoes, sure tasted super sweet.

Thanks, mom and dad.

Photo source: PPDigital

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Dessert Lover

Hello, out there! Just call me Des.

Thanks for stopping by my little nook in cyberspace. I don't really have anything too remarkable and exciting prepared to catch your attention. (darn it!)

Perhaps, I should start by telling you a bit about myself. I am a mid-twenties, (soon-to-be) working professional, living in the great city of Toronto. I was born and raised in the greater Toronto area.

I am fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin because my parents refuse to speak English to my sisters and I for fear of us forgetting our mother tongue (thanks!). I can also understand a few other dialects (bits of Vietnamese, Chiu Jau, Hakka). Other than that, I am mostly what people call a "twinkie."

I am just finishing up my degree in engineering this spring and will (hopefully) be doing some traveling - here or here - before I become all grown up and join the working world in a few months. I will be in the consulting industry working with buildings (yay! Did I mention I'm a nerd?).

Some of my hobbies include, but are not limited to: eating new foods, cooking, traveling, camping, theater, reading, blogging, and photography. Just recently, I have also been more active and have taken an interest in squash, running, swimming, yoga, salsa, volleyball, rock climbing and indoor soccer.

I surprised myself by really enjoying all those activities, since I used to be a couch potato. Not to mention I had way too much time on my hands, after entering "single-dom" (more to come on that). In no way, does this mean I am any good at any of the above mentioned activities. I like learning about new things - sticking with it is the hard part. I'm working on that.

Even though I am a nerdy engineering student, I try not to dress like one. I am an out-of-the-closet shoe addict, after a particular shopping trip with my friends to Buffalo. I have been slowly transitioning my closet to a more grown up and sophisticated one (read: less hoodies, more cardigans), and these are some of my favourite stores right now: Forever21, Costs Blanca, and Dynamite.

As my paycheck gets bigger, and my debt load smaller, I will be able to make more extravagant purchases. Having said that, I can't wait to do some summer AND work shopping!

The most important things to me right now are: my family and friends. I have been blessed with great parents, two amazing sisters (I'm the oldest) and awesome cousins. My friends keep my grounded, sane and laughing. I know I'll miss them dearly after university - I'm already reminiscing and it's not over yet!

I am single and have recently joined the dating scene (as a very shy, naive and somewhat clueless individual). I was in an (almost) 5 year relationship with my high school sweetheart, until we broke up in November 2006.

Our relationship did not end so well, and needless to say, my heart was broken into a million pieces. Since then, I have learned to move on, to forgive, to forget, but also learning to be able to love again. Still working on that. I still believe it is better to have loved and lost than to never loved at all.

I have another blog which I use to keep in touch with friends and family, since I used to travel a lot. I really enjoy blogging and sharing my thoughts with friends and family. I find it therapeutic. At times, however, I want to write about personal topics, and it is difficult knowing people who know me are reading.

I have been debating an anonymous diary blog for a while now, and have finally put my thoughts into action. Oh! Since I am also starting a new phase in my life, I also wanted this one to look more sophisticated and grown up (read: mucho mooching ideas from one of my favourite blogs).

So that's me in a nutshell!

This blog will rant, discuss, obsess, and vent about the above mentioned topics, or anything which comes to mind. So, check back if you like. Laugh with me (or at me), cry with me (ok, maybe not), leave a comment or shoot me an email. Whatever floats your boat. Toodles!

Photo source: Alis0