Saturday, April 19, 2008

You can't cheat your first kiss

For a kiss to be really good, you want it to mean something.
You want it to be with someone you can't get out of your head.
So that when your lips finally touch, you feel it everywhere.
A kiss so hot and so deep you never want to come up for air.
You can't cheat your first kiss, Nicole.
Trust me, you don't want to.
Because when you find that right person, a first kiss, is everything.

One of my favourite quotes from Grey's. Alex Karev can have his moments. This is one of them.

I can recall every moment of my first kiss. Sigh. That'll be another post.


aschlee said...

TOTALLY agree. Good post! The first kiss is always remember 'n very important :)

nat said...

Hmm, not a grey's fan. First kiss with my boyfriend was the best kiss of my life. Totally suited with styles. Mmm...

Des said...

Thanks, Aschlee!

Not a Grey's fan, Nat? :(
First kisses are the best, aren't they:)

So@24 said...

First kisses.

Whoa daddy.

You should read mine. PAIN. FUL.

Katelin said...

I love this scene from Grey's. Karev is actually not being an asshole, so nice.

Des said...

SO@24: I did read your post on your first kiss! One of my favourites. Am I buff? LOL.

Katelin: Karev has his moments. But just when I think he's a sweetheart, he goes back to his asshole self. Grrr...

Anonymous said...

ok, so this isn't about your post it's about your profile.

I freaked when I saw Ann of Green Gables listed!!! I LOVED reading that and forgot all about it!! I think I may have missed a few of the sequels at the end but I was obsessed with it growing up.

I also <3 Mariah.

And desserts. Of course.

So@24 said...


Des said...

Christie: We should hang out! Isn't Anne THE BEST?!?! Remember though, it's Anne with an E. Have you seen the movie, it's SO worth watching! Gilbert's a hottie ;)

SO@24: LOL