Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wedding bells.

No, they are not my wedding bells. I would require a man for that, first.

I am referring to the wedding bells of my bff from high school, H. Though it's been tough, we've kept in touch throughout college and grab lunch or dinner whenever I'm in town. On my birthday, she called me to wish me happy birthday, and also tell me of the good news.

H. is of a traditional Indian background, and even in our high school days, our views towards relationships differed somewhat. She believed in arranged marriages, whereas I did not feel so strongly about it. I believe they work for some people, but I don't think it's the thing for me. H. was getting an arranged marriage.

This took a little time for me to digest. But of course, I support her 150% and told her that whatever she needed me to do, I would. So, for the next few months (after I get back from my grad trip) I will be super busy, planning, organizing and running errands. I'm actually really excited.

There seems to be a million things that need to be done. She's super organized, and we're going out for dinner to talk about what I need to do later this week. I think I need to get one of those day planner thing-ies.

Best part is. I get to wear a sari. They are so elegant and beautiful. I hope I will be able to the sari some justice.

Who knows. Maybe I'll meet some hot brown dude at the wedding ;)


Christie said...

I like the idea of planning a wedding. I've always wondered if I would be a good planner. I know they have lots of different kinds of wedding planners, so maybe you can find one that caters to her culture?
I've always wanted to wear a Sari becayse they're so beautiful. I doubt I'll ever have the chance but you should take a pic of yours so we can see how pretty it is.

Des said...

Christie: I hope to updated on everything tomorrow night. I'm not sure if just her and her family are planning it, or if they hired someone. But, I'm super excited. I will definitely take a picture ;) It's not everyday I get to wear a Sari.

Katelin said...

Oh man I would love to wear a Sari, I think they are just so gorgeous. Congrats to your friend!

nat said...

Thats exciting and good on her if she is excited about an arranged mariage. Something I could never do but they do seem to work sometimes. All the best for her.

Ooh planning, I would be so nervous if I was asked to do something like that. I have no idea about these things and whats involved.

Des said...

Katelin: Thanks. I'm so excited for her.

Nat: Thanks. I'm nervous, too, but I think I'll mostly be running around and helping her out. Her sister and mom and doing the bulk of the planning :)

Larissa said...

I've been to a few traditional Indian weddings, and they are awesome - the clothes, the food, the dancing!

Des said...

Larissa: I'm looking forward to it! :)