Saturday, April 19, 2008

Can I see your proof of ID, please?

My last few days as an undergraduate student are nearing. Last night I went out to a bar with my sister and some friends for drinks. It wasn't planned, so I didn't have all my cards with me, including my driver's license.

Waitress: Can I please see ID from everyone?
Me: Darn it. I don't have mine with me. But, I am in my last term of fourth year. Do you have to see it?

[Note: I was the oldest of the group. The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19, and I am turning 24 next week. I'm pretty sure I don't look 19, though I wouldn't mind if I did. ]

Waitress: No, I'm sorry. I can't serve you alcohol.
Me: I write my very last undergrad exam on Monday. Does that count for anything?
Waitress: Sorry.
Me: That's ok. Can I get a glass of water please. With lemon.

Great. I sounded like a desperate, underage alcoholic.

It was still a fun night. We watched Nip / Tuck and TLC's What not to Wear on the booth's little TV's (which are probably meant for sports because we had to blast the volume way up and lean in to catch any part of the dialog).

I think I'll miss it when I'm not ID-ed.

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