Wednesday, June 3, 2009


When I moved into my apartment, I tried to buy some furniture under the colour theme of black, white and a pop of red. I love bold colours with black and white. I think it looks so simple and classy.

So, one afternoon of lazing around, LeBlanc says to me:

LeBlanc: Des, I want to do something with my room.

me: Um hm. *Wheels start turning*

LeBlanc: Not sure what, though.

me: Hhmm. *Mental remake of room in progress*

LeBlanc: Any ideas?

me: Maybe you can paint the walls. Move that (hideous) shelf. Change you desk. Emphasize your beautiful bay windows.

LeBlanc: Hmmm. Good idea.

me: I've always wanted to decorate a room, after seeing so many epidsodes of Trading Spaces. Can I try decorating your room? It'll be like an experiment, and if it works, maybe I can do mine next! :)

LeBlanc: Yea, sure. I would be really supportive of that. That's awesome.

So, I've picked a colour palette to work with, and LeBlanc loves it. (I assured him I would not turn his room into a dollhouse.)
I don't want to do anything too drastic, I want to re-use most of his furniture. Maybe get rid of an extra shelf he has lying around. Add some nice drapery to emphasize the beauty of his bay windows overlooking his front patio, maybe put in some chairs there. I love simple floor to ceiling curtains on rods.

I like colour, so I was thinking of painting one wall blue (his favourite colour), and the ceiling and other walls an off white, paint his doors a dark chocolate colour. And add some softer lighting in. Get some new duvet covers and pillows and we're done.

I'm so excited. These are some pictures where I've been getting some inspiration.

I love the two coloured wall, and the hard wood floors. LeBlanc has really nice hardwood floors at his place.

I like that light. And those sticks.

I like the seating at the bay windows. Not sure if we want to put in that much work, he's only going to be there for a year, but maybe some chairs and cushions, instead. I was also thinking of painting the inner trim the same dark chocolate colour, and the outer trim to be a khaki colours, and the wall white.

That's it for now! I hope it will take us about two weekends to do this.

Do you like to re-decorate??? Any recent projects or future projects planned???


Greears said...

We built our home and I am still, so over it. It was very hard. It is also hard to get excited with kids all around deconstructing everything. I'm glad he will be home soon.

Ghislaine said...

Ugh I know what you mean... My parents remodeled their house and it was a construction site for sooo long!! I hated it. Cute way of making the site into a conversation. I am actually redecorating my place and am currently painting my walls with the help of this video I hope it all goes well

Des said...

Greears - Wow. I can't imagine construction with kids!! Crazy! But now your home is exactly how you like it, right? :)

Ghislaine - I'm gonna check out that video. Thanks! We'll need all the help we can get :)