Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hair Experiment: Take Three

Every time I go to my stylist, I am always scolded for washing my hair everyday. It's very harsh on one's hair and working in a mostly office environment, there is simply no need since it doesn't really get that dirty. My hair is oily because my scalp has been trained to produce this much oil.

I started reading more about products I use, and realized the chemicals found in most shampoos are really harsh on the scalp. Essentially they contain very similar ingredients to detergent!

Essentially it's a cycle which I started way back in my elementary school days (I also had super oily skin and broke out a lot). I wash my hair every day, and my scalp is used to producing this amount of oil. The only way out of this cycle is to re-train my hair to produce less oils.

Simple solution, right?


I have attempted this THREE times this year, right now being my third attempt.

Attempt 1:
I was reading FabulouslyBroke's blog and was inspired to jump on the bandwagon of no shampoo. I made my own apple cider vinegar rinse and bought my boar bristled brush. I tried this for a little over a week and gave up. My hair was super oily. Very gross. I couldn't show up to work like this! FAIL.

Attempt 2:
I bought a shampoo (Kiss My Face) that was organic and much more gentle. I decided to try using this every other day and ease myself into the whole washing my hair less deal. This attempt lasted just under two weeks. My hair was still not used to this and looked oily.

Attempt 3:
I have been using the gentle shampoo for about a couple months now, and I felt that I was ready to try this again. I have cheat a little and tie my hair up the second day, and I also wash my bangs. I am no in my fifth week and I look presentable for work! Yippee! I finally noticed my oils decreasing this weekend on the second day!!! So excited!

I wanted to see this experiment through a 6 to 8 week period, and decide where to go from there. It's hard for me to stop cold turkey on anything. So by easing my way through this, I think it works best, even if it takes longer. In the end, I want to take better care of my hair, and also my wallet. It's a win-win situation which just takes some adjusting to. Will report back results in a few weeks!

What are some of your hygiene habits that you want to kick??? Any experiments that you conduct that you would like to share???


FB @ said...

Easing is definitely a better idea

I had to ease into washing every other day, and then every 3rd day before I felt comfortable

A low sudsing, SLS-free shampoo is your best bet

Just be careful of how dry your hair might be (if that's a problem)... in which case, I am about to embark on trying coconut oil!

Greears said...

I too am supposed to stop washing my hair. Because I was looking like a straw head, Jerami has got me washing with conditioner. This conditioner is called purology and is not cheap but is minty and refreshing to my scalp and does not make me feel gross after. I'm only using a low poo a couple times a week. So far, I have not gotten one dreadlock this winter. That's saying alot!

Des said...

FB - Thanks for commenting. I really enjoy your blog!

I felt like my hair was making some progress and becoming less oily, but then it made a turn for the worse and started to be oily again. :( I don't plan on giving up just yet! Will try using baby powder on the second day to soak up the excess oil.

Greears - My hair is the complete opposite of yours, it seems. It's silky and soft, but only on the first day of being washed. Then the next day, it gets super oily. Maybe a middle ground between my hair and your hair would be nice! :)