Monday, January 12, 2009

$45 on diapers in May 1989

That's how much my parents spent on diapers in May of 1989. Their organization and financial detailing and spending is something that I wish I had half of. It truly is amazing.

It's crazy. The older I get, the more I am in complete and utter shock and how my parents were able to pull through raising us kids.

When I was little, and until I was in grade 7, my dad was the sole provider for my family. My mom babysat for cash when I was in grade 2 until grade 7, and after that she went back to work. Though, it was very little in hind sight, it was enough that we could save away and use my dad's income for most of the day to day spending.

Even though my dad was a book keeper in Hong Kong and my mom an accountant, when they came to Canada, they have always worked in factories. My was working making airplane wings at MacDonald Douglas until he was laid off. Then, he worked at a wall paper company in the press lines until he was laid off. And until lately, he has been working in the assembly lines of a car manufacturing company.

My dad's pay cheque for the month was just a little over what I make now in 2 weeks. I know that the dollar was worth more in the past, but it astounds me and humbles me that my parents were able to provide so much for their 3 little girls, when they had so little themselves.

This makes me feel quite guilty for not knowing where my money is going. It's not that I spend frivolously (or, at least I don't think that I do), I just realized that if you asked me how much I spend on groceries last month, I can't give you an exact number.

So this is one of my new year resolutions - too keep better track of my expenses.

Next step would be to start looking into some investments, but first I'm going to focus on paying of my student loan (so they can stop getting all that interest from me!), and tracking my expenses. Wish me luck! :)


Andy said...

Wow... I'm surprised they didn't put the cents also!!

So@24 said...


Who knew diapers could drain that much out of your funds?

Greears said...

children are expensive! use birth control;} they are so cute most of the time you don't notice the money pouring out of your life...

but what about LeBlanc?

Valley Girl said...

Great idea! I track my expenses on Excel and then at the end of the month, I do a pie chart so I can see visually where most of my money is going. (I'm anal, I know.)

Des said...

Andy - I think my dad did! I just forgot! :P

SO@24 - No wonder we were potty trained at an early age....

Greears - Oh, yes. Children are money suckers. (I'm not fooled by their cute and innocent chubby cheeks!) Don't you worry about the birth control ;)

Valley Girl - I love the pie chart idea. I can't wait until the end of the month when I tally everything up!