Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Although I have 2 left feet, I love to dance.

Last Friday, I went out with some friends for a night of salsa. It was so awesome.

I took a couple of beginner salsa lessons at school during college. Really, with salsa, it's all about the guy. If the guy can lead, he can make any girl look good.

It took a few tries, but eventually myself and my friends all found our salsa partner for the night. My partner was awesome. He was definitely better than me, but was also very patient in teaching me and helping me learn. Wasn't too hard to look at either. Have I mentioned that I have had a thing for Middle Eastern men since traveling to Egypt? :)

I guess with dancing, flirty might be inevitable. I wasn't interested in more than dancing, and told him so. We kept dancing and I just realized how much fun I was missing out on. Salsa, I will never foresake thee, again.

I got a call from LeBlanc later that night. He actually worked around the corner from the club we were at. I invited him to join us if he was up for some salsa. Unfortunately, LeBlanc did not have any rhythm. But he did put up an honest effort, and I thought it was cute that he was trying :) Though, I swear, at times, I feared for my life when he tried to spin me.


Andy said...

Salsa! I'm an expert on that one!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Salsa. I think only Tango surpasses it in terms of being "sex on the dancefloor".

And oh, HOW SWEET of him to join you guys for it, just for you :D

Des said...

Andy - I would hope that one day, I can be really good at it. So good that I can wear something scandalous and match the music and atmosphere completely. For now, it will just be my jeans and some heels :)