Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I think I`m falling...

I know that I`ve kept my guard up with LeBlanc.  

But I think I`m really starting to fall for him.  It scares me, and it excites me at the same time.  That I can feel that way, again.  

It has been seeping it`s way into me these past few weeks.  It kinda hit me yesterday, when we were driving, and I was tense.  (I really hate driving downtown)  He reached over and it just relaxed me, then he told me I was doing a great job.  Then, afterwards when we went for dinner, and the way he looks at me.  The way he reached over the table and plays with my fingers.   

It`s really hard to for me to admit something like this.  I`m not sure why.  But I`m loving this feeling.  

What are the things that are hard for you to admit???


Ali said...

Same deal.

Andy said...

Hm, if he's a nice guy and he's ready to catch you, why not fall? LeBlanc sounds like a keeper. Don't be afraid. You have to risk to win, and this risk seems a pretty safe one.

And, it's hard for me to accept I'm wrong, or it's hard for me to accept I just can't do something.

Des said...

Ali - Great to hear, I think it's an overall nice feeling :)

Andy - Yea, I think he's a keeper.