Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Outfit

LeBlanc and I are going to one of his high school buddy's wedding, and I'll be his guest! I'm so excited - to dress up, and of course, to dress LeBlanc up. teehee.

Side rant:
My aunt from Houston is visiting for about 3 weeks. She usually visits twice a year for that amount of time. It seems that during these visits, we are obligated to put aside our lives for the 3 weeks, and go out every weekend. That's the thing with Chinese families. They are always so big, and there are always so many occasions to remember. This is sort of one of those times. And if you don't, you are guilt tripped that you don't care about your family. Sigh.

Anyway, I had promised LeBlanc I would go way back in August, and I am really looking forward to this! So, I am going to have to put up with the guilt tripping, and suck it up. I love my family, but sometimes, there are just too many occasions to keep up with.

So, this is the dress I have in mind. I think I can wear this to both the ceremony and reception. Maybe throw a shawl over it at the ceremony. I never know what to do about accessories. Any feedback and suggestions would be much appreciated.

My dress.
My shoes.

My accessories (green shiny earrings and my Movado watch).

Any suggestions for accessories?? No necklace right?? I'm always afraid I'll look overdone... Help!!


Greears said...

Your dress looks hot. Being a Homer girl, I'm not the one to be giving advice. I do love the dress though. I think the most important accessory you can put on is your self confidence.

I am sure you will be great and your abscence at the family weekend with give your mom and auntie something to gossip about.

Des said...

Thanks, hun :) *blush*

Yep, my family LOVES to gossip. I guess it's inevitable coming from a big Chinese family.

Andy said...

The dress seems great, and so do the shoes and jewelry! I would've gone with a delicate silver necklace, nothing too long or overdone, but something just to add a little something something! :)

Des said...

You have great taste, Andy. That is exactly what my sister suggested! Alas, I did not have such a chain -- except for the one that Almond gave me which is now broken.