Thursday, September 4, 2008

2 Things that Happened at Work, Today

1) My boss and I broke into a church.

Me: I've never broken into a church, before.

My boss: Well, technically, we didn't break in. The back door was left open.

We were supposed to meet a priest at a job site. He wasn't there. Which leads us to occurence numero deux.

2) A priest lied to us.

My boss: Father, we were at the church at about a quarter after three today. We didn't see you.

Priest: I was there.

[My boss's inner monologue: Liar!!!]

...And this is what keeps my job interesting.


Andy said...

Wow. That's not somethign you see everyday. Specially the Priest lying. But anyway, it's unfair. God forgives him more easily. Since he doesn't need an intermediary.

Des said...

Andy - LOL. I know! I couldn't believe it when my boss told me. Oh, the irony.