Thursday, September 11, 2008

Manis and Pedis

I have never had a manicure or pedicure before. Until last weekend. It was against my free will.

I know that it's supposed to be relaxing and fun.

Call my crazy, but I was feeling everything but relaxed. What could be relaxing when I see them use instruments to pick at my nooks and crannies that have been probably full of dirt with the same instruments they use on every other person who walks in?! For all I know, they could be putting those other people's crap back under my toe nails. Gross.

Or do I just watch too much CSI?

Never again. I can paint my own nails and draw my own flowers, thank you very much.

OK, maybe I can't draw my own flowers. I can live without flowers on my toes.

So, why did I get my nails professionally painted, you ask. And how was I forced into it?

Simple. My best friend from high school was getting married next Saturday and the official engagement ceremony was that night. My toes needed to look good.

I never thought that anyone would pay much attention to my toes. Until I was at the ceremony. Every lady had her toe nails pedicured. I was so glad my toes fit in.

I felt like I was in high school. When all the girls had the brand name shirts, and shoes. And I was in my baggy clothes because I didn't want to pay $45 for a dress shirt, when a $5 would do. I had to save for tuition, man.

Except, this time I felt like I sort of fit in. Only, it felt silly, that anyone would judge me by my toes. Doesn't it? But I'm pretty sure that they would have. Silly, I know. My insecurities. I'm working on it.

Oh. Speaking of her wedding. I get my life back after September 20th.

No more of conversations like this:

Des, make sure you're at my house next weekend.

Des, make sure you come to the official engagement ceremony.

Des, can you help out at the bridal shower.

Des, make sure you leave your Friday nights free. Just in case we decide to do something then. Yes, please cancel the plans you already made.

(OK, she didn't say the last sentence, but I think that was understood.)

Des, book next Thursday and Friday off from work. We need to do our Henna.

Des, it doesn't matter that you live about 2 hours away of commute via public transit. Or that you have to work the next day. Be here!

Like I said. I get my life back after September 20th.

After that, I am going to spend my whole weekend just the way I want to. Sleep. Sleep. Cook. Sleep. Sleep. Shop. Sleep. Sleep. Decorate. Sleep. Sleep. BLOG. (After I get my internet set up at my new place, that is. Wish me luck.)

Less than 2 weeks to go. Grin and bear it. Grin and bear it.


Fem said...

I wish I could just give myself pedicures! Somehow whenever I try to do my own, it turns out looking like a mutilated my foot rather than beautified it.

Good luck with the next nine days!

Andy said...

NEVER before? Well, your explanations make sense.

And good luck with the wedding. The bride sounds kind of a bridezilla.

Miss Burb said...

so true about that stuff. I am a beauty school drop out but not before I learned manis and pedis. I love having them done but I make sure to go to a reprable place.

every blog I've been reading seems to be talking about weddings and how they can't wait till their over (re:bridezillas!) lol, I hope I'm not that bad when/if the time comes. but I'm sure I'll have my moments

Des said...

Fem - I wish I could give myself pedicures, too! I'll just stick to painting them for now. The swirling things are way out of my artistic range.

Andy - Bridezilla is right. It is her special day. I'm grinning and bearing pretty well, I think! :)

Miss Burb - I'm going to a pretty nice spa for a massage next week (yay, for company benefits!) so hopefully that could have a more positive impact on how I view pedis. I hope I don't become a "bridezilla" either. Though, that is unlikely to happen in my near future. Need a guy to get married. :P