Friday, November 28, 2008

Do I Have to Know How I Feel?

LeBlanc and I went out. It was a really nice steak house. Quite fancy and romantic, actually. Which is not how LeBlanc is (from what I know of him).

LeBlanc: So I didn't make you feel so awkward that you don't ever want to see me, again?

me: I guess not. Anyway, I owe you dinner. I got this one.

LeBlanc: No, no. I got this one.

me: You got it last time. I got this one.

LeBlanc: Trust me. You will change your mind once you see the menu. I'll make a deal with you. I'll get this one, but you'll have to go out with me, again.

me: That's not fair!

I look at the menu.

me: OK. You can get this one.

LeBlanc: I've been plotting to get you to go out for dinner with me here ever since I came here with work. Now, my plot has succeeded.

me: Why didn't you just ask if I wanted to for steak the first time?

LeBlanc: Because you wanted Indian food. Trust me, this steak is really good. Probably one of the best steaks I've had in my life.

Dinner was good. I think LeBlanc has having a steak-gasm.

I was heading up to Waterloo to visit my sister last weekend. There was a bus that left at 9:30pm and one that left at 11:30pm. I told LeBlanc my first bus time.

After dinner we went and sat in the lobby. We were both full and tired.

I'm not sure if it's the buzz from the wine. Or maybe something else.

We got to talking. He started playing with my hand and holding my hand.

me: I actually have another bus at 11:30pm that I can take. But you'll have to entertain me until then.

LeBlanc: I can do that.


A couple things have happened in between. I'm not sure what it is that's going on. Which confuses me. I like to have things clearly defined. And this is clearly not defined.

What I know.

I liked kissing him.

To be continued.....


Andy said...


This is like a Mexican soap opera, but worse!! You leave me in the middle of the most interesting part!!! Come on!!


Greears said...

Yea! You made out! Andy is right, you are like a Mexican soap opera. I can't stop reading...

Sadly, I can confirm that life is never clearly defined no matter what your best laid plans are. I have been dealing with this exact emotion this week myself. You are lucky that this is a pleasant unpredictability.

Congrats on the fun!

Des said...

Andy - Mexican soap?! LOL. If only my life was half that interesting! Actually ... that might be too dramatic for my liking. I was running out of time! Sorry :)

Greears - Yes, we made out! It was fun. I enjoy it at the time, and then wonder - damn. Should I have done that. Oh well. :P